Jan 27, 2014

info plumbing

Information plumbing is the idea to construct a tube system for information to flow.

In my case I aggregate several Hamburg UX blog feeds for the page "Blogs im Fluss". The key piece is the definition of the Y!Pipes. Here is a screenshot from April 2009:

And this is how it looks today:
Read the full story on Information Plumbing, or visit Blogs im Fluss for an update of the Hamburg UX folks.

Jan 25, 2014

Hello FB, where is my stuff?

I hate to waste my time on facebook because almost all my activities are lost for me. In general, there are two important feedback cycles: one is social - the other is between me and myself. If a platform makes it impossible for me to build an external knowledge base (or gossip, or fun, or photos, you name it) that is of use for me then I question myself why to put any energy into it. Hello fb, where is the stream or even better rss feed of my likes and other contributions that I could reuse and review and enhance as I like and whereever I like?
// in response to https://www.facebook.com/euan.semple/posts/10151607490499567