Oct 8, 2010

Ted Nelson at Hypertext 01

This is not my planet. And this is not my conference.

What an opening to a talk at ACM Hypertext 01 by Ted Nelson!

Ted Nelson at ACM Hypertext 2001 from mprove on Vimeo.

at University of Nottingham

Some quotes:

[2'10"] I think of the world wide web and XML and cascading style sheets is the ultimate triumph of the typewriter over the author. +++ three fundamental problems today: 1) hierarchical file structures 2) simulation of paper 3) the application prison +++ [12'40"] Software is a branch of movie making. +++ [17'50"] The question is about starting over. +++ ZigZag / Authoplectic structures where trees and tables are just edge cases. +++

More at Ted Nelson Bibliography

Oct 7, 2010

History of Informatics - New LinkedIn Group

There is a new group for the History of Informatics / Computer Science at LinkedIn.

The group is called MEDICHI, which is an acronym for "Methodic and Didactiv Challenges of the History of Informatics". Laszlo Boeszoermenyi has organized a workshop in Klagenfurt/Austria under this name.

Another source of people is coming form CHI 2008, ie. a SIG on user interface history conducted by Brad Myers and Anker Helms Jørgensen. CHI 2008 was held in Florence. To that extend the label MEDICHI still fits.

Feel free to join and let's see what emerges.